nigel Who? II

nigel Who? II: The Story of a Comeback from a Comeback from Jason Cayabyab on Vimeo.

Filmed by Jason Cayabyab,Arnel Cayabyab, Nesthree Deleon, Nick Gamurot, Jennifer Gamurot & Jason Hayes.
Produced by Ronnie Bogle & Jason Cayabyab
Edited by Jason Cayabyab
Sound by Arnel Cayabyab
On July 9th, 2011, designer Ronnie Bogle of nigel Who? returned to fashion after a 5 year retirement. His collection was heralded as “one of the best collections from a Bay Area designer”. The collection received national attention. Bogle was set to debut his flagship boutique and return to the industry of fashion. Two months later, the dream was struck down from the loss of his business partner and best friend of 25 years. Deep in loss and his life completely saturated on social media, Bogle decided to create another collection that directly addressed his partner’s death including their mutual admiration for intimate clothing. nigel Who? II follows the designer on the day of the show and includes the inspirational story of how the new collection payed homage to his partner while inspiring so many others around him. It is a truly inspirational story of overcoming grief and using art to inspire others.